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Hate Will Kill You

18 Sep 2015 . category: life . Comments
#life #pain

I’ve been having a crazy flood of emotions recently. I split with someone I spent 4 wonderful, crazy, painful, stressful, loving years with. There’s nothing I can do to change that, to fix it or go back to the way things were. I had a lot of anger, pain, loneliness and fear in me, running along with excitement, happiness and a feeling of freedom for the past few weeks.

One feeling I never had was hate. I do not hate her, even after the years of torture I was put through. See, I love(d) her very much. I don’t hate her, at all. Sure I’m very angry at her for what she did to me, but not hateful. Hate will kill you… Hate doesn’t allow room for forgiveness. Doesn’t allow room for growth. Doesn’t allow room for moving on.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit odd. Not really sad, not really happy, just content. I hadn’t felt that way in a while. What that feeling I’m realizing is it’s the first step to moving on. Understanding and accepting the life I have now.

Then while at work, I was graced by this amazing sight.

Beautiful morning

It gave me a great sense of relaxation and peace. Like it really is the dawn of a new day. Not just a new day for my area on Earth, but a new day in my life.

Letting go of hate or never hating in the first place will give you such a peace of mind and soul that will allow you to grow to new heights. It won’t be there to cloud your judgement or vision. It opens you up to new adventures and new paths.

Keep on loving and living. Move forward on with peace and the freedom of life.


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